[Marxism] PL: U.S. Collaboration With Syrian Terrorist Groups Confirmed

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Fri Aug 3 10:33:40 MDT 2012

U.S. Collaboration With Syrian Terrorist Groups Confirmed 

Washington, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) United States have helped for months opposition armed groups in Syria after President Barack Obama signed an executive secret order with that end.

The order authorized by the White House aims at overthrowing President Bashar al-Assad and apprised bodies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to clandestinely back groups considered as terrorists by Damascus.

Official spokespersons of the Obama administration have confirmed that the U.S. would increase its aids to subversive organizations since the UN Security Council has not been able to reach a consensus on the situation of this country.

According to a license passed by the Department of Treasury, Washington would send sophisticated communications equipments but not military supplies to the Syrian Liberation Army yet.

It was known that the United Stated collaborate financially and logistically with those countries as Qatar and Saudi Arabia that supply arms to Syrian terrorist groups and provide intel on the movements of the troops loyal to al-Assad.

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