[Marxism] role of Saudi Prince Bandar in Syria?

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 3 12:40:35 MDT 2012

Ken Hiebert replies:"Saudi Arabia has a history of intervening in other counties.  The one example I can think of is their support for Hamas.  The reality of that support is not a reason to stop supporting the Palestinian struggle.  And if the this report of intervention in Syria is true (and I'm inclined to think that it is), it does not negate the popular opposition to Assad among Syrians."

Indeed, Ken, the presence of imperialist and national bourgeois interests seeking to insert their "way of life" into a living struggle against despotism and advancement of democratic revolution only underscores the importance of the Syrian people's resolve to remove the shackles of their oppressive regime. The Princes, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Zionist thugs are all interested in making sure the course is stayed regardless whether Assad lives, dies, or is sent into exile. The question remains whose side we are on? Standing in the middle, on the "sidelines", or in opposition to the revolutionary wave regardless whether one thinks s/he can "surf" it or wait it out is only inviting being drowned; either by the people themselves or by the fierce undertow of ignominy or embarrassment that will result. Imagine the "indecency" of the masses to fight with whatever means at their disposal, to fight so that they can live and the despot go down? Being accused of terrorism by their enemy or their supposed friends when, in fact, the Syrian masses are doing everything to oppose the terror imposed on them by the product of imperialism that seeks to kill them, well, it is not even any price to pay. 

This struggle is not a bourgeois election, it is politics by other means; it is life and death. Some had better figure it out or the dustbin of history will be the least of their worries. 
That is not a threat, it is an observation of an inevitability of which history is replete with examples.

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