[Marxism] PL: U.S. Collaboration With Syrian Terrorist Groups Confirmed

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The same was also true with Argentina, where both Cuba and the USSR maintained full diplomatic and trade relations throughout the "Dirty War".
Of course, Cuba's alliance with the Non-Aligned movement was a complete farce, given its unbending alignment with the USSR  Nonetheless, Castro's position as leader of the Movement was quite a political coup for him, given that he served in that post during a period in which Cuba was a firm Soviet Satellite.

El pueblo armado jamas sera aplastado!

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On 8/3/12 12:33 PM, stansfield smith wrote:

> U.S. Collaboration With Syrian Terrorist Groups Confirmed
> Washington, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) United States have helped for
> months opposition armed groups in Syria after President Barack Obama
> signed an executive secret order with that end.

Of course Cuba would take this tack, given its orientation to the Non-Aligned Movement. If the USA is hostile to the Baathists and to the Cuban CP, they will tend to protect each other.

Cuba's foreign policy, however, should not be a model for the left. In 1968 when Mexican students were being massacred by the army and police, Fidel Castro did not make a single speech denouncing the PRI. In that very same year, when Franco was killing and torturing CP'ers and Basque nationalists in Spain, Cuba did not protest--not even once. That was because fascist Spain defied the trade embargo, just like Mexico.

I can understand why a country under siege would make such a mistake but sycophants like Stansfield Smith have no excuse.

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