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Fri Aug 3 16:49:23 MDT 2012

By *Murray Smith*

August 2, 2012 – /Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal/ -- 
The Left Front (Front de Gauche) emerged onto the political scene at the 
beginning of 2009. As the Left Front to Change Europe, it was 
established by three organisations -- the French Communist Party (PCF), 
the Left Party (PG, Parti de Gauche) and the Unitary Left (GU) -- with 
the aim of standing in the European elections of June 2009.

These three organisations were not of anything like equal weight. The 
Communist Party, though much weakened over the previous 25 years, was 
nevertheless still a mass party with well over 100,000 members and 
thousands of elected representatives at every level. More than that, it 
was an inseparable part of the history of the French workers’ movement, 
which it had largely contributed to defining. The Left Party was a 
recent split from the Socialist Party, numbering at the time at most 
2000 members. The Unitary Left was even smaller, having left the newly 
formed New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) just after its founding congress.

More important than numbers, however, were what the three organisations 
represented politically.

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