[Marxism] Indian blackout [was: Re: Retirement Thoughts]

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 12:44:45 MDT 2012

Interestingly, it is likely that the cause of the problem in India,
while being a complex issue perhaps, is far more closely related to
software (read "Louis") than turbine engineering (read "Marla"). In
2003 when the northeast of the US was thoroughly blacked out, it was
the result of grid software failure and the inability of the system to
separate out and isolate the region or area with voltage instability.
It "looks like" this was the same problem in India, which caused a
cascade failure instead of a rolling black out one (rolling blackouts
being a 'good response' to low power supplies).

If would be interesting (for me, anyway) if Varla can point to some
good online analysis of what is now the worlds largest black out.


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