[Marxism] Sam Farber reviews report on Cuba

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Aug 4 12:49:49 MDT 2012

On 8/4/12 2:36 PM, Ken Hiebert wrote:
> The report was written by Phillip Peters for the Lexington Institute.
> 					ken h
> http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=75677

Typical Farber:

"Cuba is still among the states with the highest rate of imprisonment, 
just a few countries below the United States, the world’s number 1 jailer."

The Cuban government does not issue statistics on the number of inmates. 
You only have estimates from opponents of the state like Elizardo 
Sánchez. I have no idea how this jerk ever got tenure since his 
scholarship is nil.

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