[Marxism] Sam Farber reviews report on Cuba

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In the text:

This is nice and all.....

"It is bad news because this group apparently supports a Cuban transition
oriented towards *liberalization*, especially of the economic system, with
political concessions for elite circles such as secular and Catholic
intellectuals, and is at best, unconcerned and, one expects, hostile to the
*democratization* of the economy – in the sense of worker self-management –
and the polity –


"in the sense of freedom to organize politically, abolishing the one-party
state, and creating a truly open and democratic *mass"*

This doesn't make sense.  A self management economy is already democratic
as it gets, close to an utopia. Giving the right to vote out of socialism
is so preposterous an unacceptable as voting slavery.

2012/8/4 Shane Mage <shmage at pipeline.com>

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