[Marxism] Religious Sectarianism and Killings in Syria and Turkey

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 5 15:49:15 MDT 2012

On 8/5/12 5:38 PM, Shane Mage wrote:
> What is your class analysis of the forms of Sunni Islam dominant in the
> Syrian insurgency--especially Wahhabism, Salafism, jihadism, Muslim
> Brotherhood-ism?  What class interests do you think led the Qatari and
> Saudi royal families to arm the FSA (of course "not" with arms supplied
> by the CIA)?  What do you think is the nature of a revolutionary process
> that excludes huge segments of the people but includes
> sectarian-motivated foreigners?

I can see a reconciliation now between Shane and his Islamophobic 
brother at Monthly Review. Thanksgiving dinner should be a more pleasant 
affair this year with both boys waving drumsticks at imaginary enemies 
in al Qaeda.

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