[Marxism] Religious Sectarianism and Killings in Syria and Turkey

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I'm 73. I was not in position to have a position on the British colonies' secession from The crown.   I have ancestors who were on both sides.  Later ancestors all supported the War of Secession as some of my cousins still call it. 

In re the latter, I hope to someday post the documentation of the Rue Project, a 7 year art process culminating in The Strange Fruit Exhibit:Contemporary Artists Respond to Lynching and Violence which I co-curated to accompany the Exhibition on Lynching at the Dr Martin Luther King Jr National memorial in Atlanta 2002.  The Rue Project was undertaken to encourage pilgrimages on the one mile walk between confederate graves and Dr King's tomb. Following are words I wrote for the chorale composed by LaDonna Smith and sung by the Birmingham Women's chorus at the ecumenical service in which women from many religions shared texts from their traditions to guide congregants seeking a path to express repentance.  The art process was largely prompted by my realization that my own religious tradition, white southern episcopalian, offered only the briefest most abstract general confession covering everything from forgetting to send a thank you note to inheriting the fruits of ancestors who threw their fellow humans into the bowels of ships to survive in their own feces and the stench of those who died beside them. The words, which follow the meter of Amazing Grace are:

A Maze engraves how swains 'tho sons, to slaves are wrought by greed.
Renounce and lose but naught  To save the soul,  Repair, The creed.

A labyrinth of rue for pil-
grim ages to repent
For sons and sweethearts who were sent to die and too, to kill

For evil is dead spirits face, refusing death until buried with dignity and Grace. Yet Grace awaits them still

For Grace awaits Repentance for the sins that purchase Pride and Dignity, now as before, the sin filled price denied

Repeat first verse

I should add that the art process included getting my mother to get me into the UDC (united Daughters of the Confederacy) and convincing her to join me and the other white southern women who planted the first seeds of rue at the confederate cemetery april 3,1999 and made the pilgrimage in 2002.

My other art projects are didactically Marxian
 Thanks for creating an occasion for
me to share what would hardly seem appropriate on Loius's well maintained list of stimulatingly eclectic marxians.,


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> "How old are you, Manuel? Did you support the break up of Yugoslavia?
> How old are you, Peggy? Did you support the breakoff of the 13 colonies from Britain?                         
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