[Marxism] Religious Sectarianism and Killings in Syria andTurkey

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 07:00:16 MDT 2012

Hope your son feels better soon Peggy. Nevertheless, sitting beside my 
presently non-sick son, I have to wonder why someone with a sick son 
would bother to bring up that grotesque "left" and ultraright conspiracy 
theory about the "break-up of Yugoslavia" as if that break-up was 
engineered by anyone other than the blood-drenched genocidal 
bourgeois-chauvinist oligarchy under Milosevic (which, as Tom Cod 
rightly said, "Assad or Qaddaffi didn't even come close to committing 
the level of crimes these guys did"), which, based on the people who 
usually ask that silly old question, it seems likely you are a sycophant 

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From: "Peggy Dobbins" <pegdobbins at gmail.com>
> Sitting bedside a very sick son, distracting myself reading Manuel's 
> passionate post, I want to ask:
> How old are you, Manuel?
> Did you support the break up of Yugoslavia?
> Peggy
> PeggyDobbins.net

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