[Marxism] role of Saudi Prince Bandar in Syria?

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Aug 6 15:28:22 MDT 2012

Michael L wrote: 'I don't think the question of which people murdering
others are the good guys is irrelevant--- but none of the comments so
far deal with the question of the role of Prince Bandar which was my
specific question. Were his intent and actions accurately described in
the excerpt from the Globe and Mail--- or is this disinformation? Or
does it not matter?'

No, it doesn't really matter. At least it isn't for those who are
uncritical supporters of Assad's regime, the whole opposition is
effectively run by Washington, and so the involvement of Prince Bandar
is of no great significance as he is a mere puppet of the USA. Nor is
it for those who are uncritical supporters of the oppositions to
Assad, the reported involvement of the likes of Prince Bandar is of no
significance any more than is the actual presence of al Qaeda and
other jihadists.

For those of us who see a democratic impulse within the opposition to
Assad's dictatorial regime, but are concerned that this impulse is
increasingly being submerged under a melange of sectarianism,
big-power intrigue and interference from neighbouring states, this and
other reports point to the worrying way that the situation in Syria is
going. My own feeling is that the Assad regime is nearing its end, but
the result of its collapse will not be to the benefit of the Syrian

For a substantial look at the democratic basis of the original
opposition to Assad's regime, the foreign intrigues and the move
towards the militarisation of the opposition, what social forces
support the regime, and much more, have a listen to Sami Ramadani's
wireless interviews via here <

Paul F

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