[Marxism] What would an Abbott government in Australia look like? Let me introduce Campbell Newman

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 18:33:07 MDT 2012

Hi John

Your question about  what an Abbott government will look like is well
posed. I argue that if Abbott is elected we will get the scissors effect in
Qld-  neo-liberalism at both the federal and the state levels. There are
several  things about the current neo-liberal offensive in Qld. Firstly it
is amazingly callous and brutal in effect.  I have seen people in tears at
losing their job.  They had gone to work in the morning and been told to
pack up and go. The Public Service has been in the front line but small
businesses that depend on the spending power of the Public Service have
also been hit very hard.

The fact is that the majority of those being laid off voted for the
government.  But they did not vote for a neo-liberal offensive. There has
been a good deal of trauma and disorientation since the election.   A
probable reason is that there has not been an offensive on this scale in
Qld before. In 1985 the Bjelke Petersen government outsourced and down
seized the electricity workforce.  1001 workers lost their jobs.  All hell
broke loose.  Arguably the government retreated.  In any case we did not
get anything on the scale of 1985 until the election of the Newman
government.  He has already dismissed over 5000 public servants and
promises many more to come.

Yet anger has been slow to build.   An additional factor in this case may
be that at least two trade unions were implicated in the defeat of Labor.
Most obviously the Public Service union *Together*. Why did the Labor
government lose the support of sections of the trade union bureaucracy?
Why did it lose the support of capital?  This was reflected in the Murdoch
press' role in building momentum behind Newman and and pushing the
narrative that a change was needed.

Capital's motivation is easy to comprehend.  They have come to feed by
launching a neo-liberal offensive. Money will be made.

The union bureaucracy represents I feel a more complicated case. Perhaps I
will  able to return to this question in another post.

For the moment though I will point out that Qld's neo-liberalism is out of
synch with the international economic situation.  Now is not the time to be
cutting jobs even from a purely Keynesian perspective. But the state
government seems determined to give us the recession we did not have to



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> What would an Abbott government in Australia look like? Let me introduce
> Campbell Newman
> The lack of a real union fight against the Bligh government laid the
> groundwork for a vicious anti-worker Newman government. The same lack of a
> union fight against the Gillard government is laying the groundwork for a
> vicious anti-worker Abbott Government.
> The time has come to stand up against the Bobbsey twins of job slashing
> wage cutting neoliberalism, Labor and the Coalition. See more at:
> http://enpassant.com.au/2012/08/06/what-would-an-abbott-government-look-like-campbell-newman/
> John Passant
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