[Marxism] Syria¹s Crumbling Pluralism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 6 18:55:33 MDT 2012

On 8/6/12 8:15 PM, Eli Stephens wrote:
> Now please explain why YOU think it's appropriate to post articles from the
> New York Times but not those that don't support your point of view. Do you
> think Marxists should assess reality looking only at a portion of the
> picture?

People can post whatever they want. Just remember that we ask you to 
stick to a five post a day limit.

As far as the NYT goes, it reflects the foreign policy of the Obama 
administration. Surprise-surprise. Obama has said that he won't support 
the opposition to al-Assad because of the presence of Jihadists. In 
other words, he has more in common with Michel Chossudovsky and Richard 
Becker than he does with me.

If the CIA was really bent on helping the FSA defeat al-Assad, it would 
give them Stinger surface-to-air missiles. That's not going to happen. 
In my view, the USA policy has more in common with the one pursued 
during the iran-Iraq war rather than with UNITA in Angola.

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