[Marxism] Reflection on the defections in Syria

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Tue Aug 7 01:15:27 MDT 2012

The same thing keeps being stated - with nothing new offered to changeviews of many on this list - of this current tragic bloody conflict in Syria.He practicaly states that a U. S. military intervention would be awelcomed development - by the sender of this email to a Marxist list!And who cares on this List about the privileged Syrian generals and diplomatswho have jumped ship.  They are not revolutionaires, just fearful officialswho would prefer a stable Syria under capitalist rule.  I just want to respond to three points below made in that email - that Iincluded: 1)  The popular opposition is certainly very sectarian - just the opposite     that was stated!  We have seen the flags and banners depicting     not a revolutionary left leadership and influence, but a right wing     Sunni jihadists dominated religious based movement and force!   2) While the Al-assad regime is certainly dictatorial -    it is ridiculous to imply that the whole Syrian people are rising up     and actively supporting the rebel fighters.  Most Syrians are not    actively fighting and are just trying to go about their regular daily    lives.  The rebels are small in numbers, even if it is true many Syrian    soldiers do not relish attacking civilian areas and the military rank    and file are divided on their loyalty to the government.  3) The writer concludes his email by deploring the bombing of old    structures in Damascus (and we assume elsewhere as well) -    but what would happen if the U. S. military did actively engage    and attack the Syrian military positions - would this not create    even larger amounts of structural damage to these old structures    the writer was so concerned about?  Rhetoric will not deflect the facts on the ground and the forces reallyinvolved.  The writer keeps stretching the reality, to fit what does notexist.  The FSA is not a left led revolutionary force - but led by religiousjihadists.  The FSA is not made up of the different ethnic religious groupsin representative numbers.   Most Syrians would prefer the Al-assad government to leave power - butnot necessarily want a Sunni jihadists Sharia Law government instead.  The bloody tragedy continues in Syria - it is nothing to be happy aboutand the relationship of forces reflects a deepening religious sectarian dividewith increasing conflict that will not end - no matter what the outcomeof Al-assad in his remaining in power, in what appears sadly a possiblereligious based civil war, with many fleeing refugees from the religious and ethnic losing side.    I also disagree with those who state the U. S. government forces arenot actively intervening in Syria.  We continue to witness a corporateowned media promoting the rebels and manuevering to gain influencewith their leadership.          > Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2012 20:58:17 -0700
> From: clayclai at gmail.com
> Subject: Reflection on the defections in Syria

> The popular opposition to the Assad regime has from the very beginning
> been non-sectarian, and while it has been majority Sunni, as is Syria,
> it has had wide support among Christians, Shiite and Alawite from the
> beginning.
> A small number of foreign jihadists have come to Syria to make
> mischief. The opposition has received some support from Saudi Arabia and
> Qatar.

> The truth is that the Syrian people have revolted against the
> dictatorship. After many months they have been forced to go over to
> armed struggle by the regime's violence. The Free Syrian Army is truly a
> people's army made up of defectors from the state apparatus of
> repression
> The oldest living city in the world, Damascus, and others almost as old,
> are being destroyed by bombardment because the Assad regime doesn't dare
> send in ground forces they know will only swell the ranks of the FSA.
> Along with thousand of lives destroyed, some of the oldest structures
> built by humanity on this planet are being reduced to rubble.

> In Solidarity,
> Clay Claiborne


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