[Marxism] LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE: Syria divides the Arab left

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Aug 7 10:33:52 MDT 2012

On 8/7/12 12:20 PM, Paul Flewers wrote:
> Fair enough, but I wonder with some of our list members is whether
> they wake up with the thought: 'Now how can I present sundry
> jihadists, the Muslim Brotherhood and assistance from Saudi Arabia and
> the big powers as not having a corrosive effect upon the anti-Assad
> struggle?'

Is this a reference to Richard Seymour's reply to John Rees? Or perhaps 
Robin Yassin-Kassab's "Blanket Thinkers"? Oh, I think I know what it 
was, my crossposting of an interview with Bassam Haddad this morning 
that was filled with paean's to the Jihadists. So sorry. My bad.

Bassam Haddad:

"What a lot of the reporting I think has been ignoring, especially from 
the West, is that Syria is falling apart not just as a regime, but as a 
country. And that is actually the biggest tragedy that I think is being 
shoved aside, in favor of focusing on cliche-ish things such as 
dictatorship and democracy in a situation where even if the Assad regime 
falls we are looking at a very, very tough process of reconstructing the 

"And certain parties benefit, and these are the parties we should 
actually look at, including conservative Arab states, some European 
states, and, of course, the United States."

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