[Marxism] Ron Paul: Moving Toward War in Syria

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 8 08:45:23 MDT 2012

On 8/8/12 10:36 AM, stansfield smith wrote
> Moving Toward War in Syria
> By Rep. Ron Paul

> That is a very
> good question. It clearly demonstrates that the United States has no business at
> all being involved in the Syrian civil war. In the 1980s we supported a
> resistance movement in Afghanistan that later gave birth to elements of al-Qaeda
> and the Taliban. When will we learn our lesson and stop intervening in conflicts
> we don’t truly understand, conflicts that have nothing to do with American
> national interests?

One day we hear from the aluminum-foil cap wearing professor emeritus 
Michel Chossudovsky and the next we hear from a Republican Congressman. 
Stansfield Smith has about as much discrimination in selecting material 
to crosspost as Adam Sandler does in selecting screenplays.

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