[Marxism] "only a strong, democratic Syria could liberate the territory [Golan Heights]"

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August 7, 2012
Echoes of Syria’s War in the Golan Heights By ISABEL KERSHNER

BUQATA, Golan Heights — As fighting rages in
the government forces and the rebels, the conflict is playing out
on a smaller scale in Syrian Druse villages like this one, on the
Israeli-held portion of the Golan Heights across the old cease-fire line....
In April, the father of Wiam Amasha, a well-known anti-Assad activist from
Buqata, was run over by a car during an altercation with pro-Assad
villagers in what family members and supporters said was a murder attempt.
The victim spent nearly two months in Israeli hospitals...

But more Golan Druse have begun to speak out against the Assads,
particularly in light of their brutal efforts to suppress the Syrian

“I have been against Bashar al-Assad since he took over from his father,”
Rabia Abu Salah said as he unpacked frozen chicken at a grocery store in
Majdal Shams. “The regime is like a mafia.”
Mr. Amasha, 30, the anti-Assad activist from nearby Buqata whose father was
run over, says he is just as fervently opposed to the Israeli occupation of
this territory. He has spent most of his years since the age of 16 in
Israeli prisons.

First, he said, he was arrested after he threw Molotov cocktails at police
and army positions and for raising Syrian flags in the village. Then he and
a few comrades dismantled a land mine with the intention of using parts for
weapons, but it exploded, injuring them. Finally, he was convicted of
planning to capture Israeli soldiers to exchange them for Palestinian and
Syrian prisoners, though he denied it. He was released in October, one of
hundreds of security prisoners, most of them Palestinians, who were
exchanged for a captive Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit.

Like other critics, Mr. Amasha said that Mr. Assad had made no genuine
effort to liberate the Golan Heights and had opposed Israel only “on
television.” He said he believed that only a strong, democratic Syria could
liberate the territory, whether through war or through negotiations...

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