[Marxism] Marxism Digest, Vol 106, Issue 16

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 8 13:32:38 MDT 2012

On 8/8/12 2:32 PM, audradavid at aol.com wrote:

>   But is not this sorry result in Ireland precisely why one should not
>   have a romantic view of an opposition in Syria that brings together
>   all sorts of elements, from socialists through democrats of various
>   stripes to outright religious reactionaries? Should we not be looking
>   at precisely what the opposition in Syria represents, what currents
>   there are within it and which ones should be supported, rather than
>   condemning the opposition in toto as a reactionary puppet of the big
>   powers, or conversely cheer-leading it in an utterly uncritical
>   manner?

In Ireland there was a national liberation movement based to a large 
degree on socialist ideas that grew out of "civil society". In Libya and 
Syria there has been nothing like this in memory. In Libya it was a 
crime to organize a party outside of Qaddafi's and in Syria the CP 
basically functions as an auxiliary of the Baathist Party, in some 
respects resembling the CPUSA and the Democrats.

People mainly protested in the early months to get rid of the State of 
Emergency Laws and to allow a modicum of democratic rights to exist so 
that ideas about a future society could begin to be openly discussed. As 
a payment for that demand, they got bullets in their head from snipers. 
And after many hundreds, if not thousands, died in the streets in 
peaceful protests, some Syrians began to arm themselves in order to 
defend the protests.

For this they have been labeled by the 
Chossudovsky/MRZine/Voltairenet/Counterpunch/PSL wing of the left as a 
kind of UNITA or Nicaraguan contra because they got guns from Turkey or 
Saudi Arabia. They of course would have been condemned out of hand even 
if they used bows and arrows made out of olive branches because they 
dared rise up against one of the "good guys", like Qaddafi, Mugabe, and 
Ahmadinejad. It is enough to induce projectile vomiting.

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