[Marxism] AFLCIO: full employment at living wage

Peggy Dobbins pegdobbins at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 21:20:29 MDT 2012

Finally, the bumper sticker I've been praying for.  

Point one mandates reducing hours of labor to earn living wage 

"He [richard trumka]outlined five main tenets of the Second Bill of Rights, which, in addition to the

 "right to full employment and a living wage," and 

"the right to a secure and healthy future," also includes the 

"right to full participation in the electoral process,

"the right to a quality education"; and 

"the right to a voice at work."

The idea of a Second Bill of Rights was inspired by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1944 State of the Union address, which called for greater “economic rights” including employment through a living wage, collective bargaining, housing, education, medical care, among many things.


By happenstance I saw Trumka mention this on cspan just now.  Presented at a press conference almost a month ago, I've noted nothing about it on line. Must have been in an AFL-CIO blog,  but I missed it.   Thank you Trumka. Please share as they say socializing media 

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