[Marxism] A scene from the new Libya

DCQ davecq at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 11 10:53:45 MDT 2012

Clay, you don't do yourself any favors with this argument. First, a national congress is not a church. Second, when you go to speak at one of these church/temple events you are (presumably) going as a guest in order to build solidarity with people around some non-dress-related issue. Showing respect for their customs is a simple way to show respect and solidarity when people are under attack; only a sectarian would make an issue of that in circumstances around a bigger fightback. This incident has nothing in common with that. And finally, this is not about "dress codes," but about women's oppression.

Just because we support the Libyan revolution does not mean we support everything that happens afterwards. We are tribunes of the oppressed before a revolution, during a revolution, and after a revolution. The autocratic crust of Gaddafi is gone--and good riddance. But that was stage 1. There are reactionaries and charlatans who want to rule Libya for their own, wolves stalking the newborn babe. Our task is to keep supporting the democratic forces--the foot soldiers who made the overthrow of Gaddafi possible. We don't do that by dismissing and washing our hands of attacks on women.


On Aug 10, 2012, at 5:06 PM, Clay Claiborne wrote:

> Sounds like a good issue for them to struggle around and gain some
> clarity on.
> I have been to black churches that demand that I take off my hat and
> Vietnamese temples that demand I take off my shoes. Other places will
> throw me out if I'm not wearing a tie. I hate dress codes and if I was a
> member of the GNC, I would make a issue of it.
> But most of the time overthrowing such customs is not my mission and I
> don't make an issue of it.
> In Solidarity,
> Clay

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