[Marxism] Jack A. Smith: My life and times with the Guardian

Ethan Young ethanyoung at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 11 15:06:17 MDT 2012

Jack Smith deserves a lot of credit for his journalistic work, and his opposition to crazy adventurist colic, but the real heroes of the Guardian were the founders: James Aronson, Cedric Belfrage and John T McManus. They started the paper at the start of the Cold War, and kept it going throughout the red scare days. Jack owes them a mention at least. The young generation took over - ousting Aronson - when the movement was on the rise in the mid 60s. I recommend Aronson's memoir Something to Guard. If archives exist from the Aronson and Smith periods, readers can form their own opinions about the paper's high and low points.

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