[Marxism] A scene from the new Libya

Mina Khanlarzadeh mina.khanlar at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 20:53:42 MDT 2012

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"Conservative dress code is a symptom of the conservative religious beliefs
of many people in the region... I was speaking on Friday to a young Iranian
woman (born since the revolution and growing up in a non-religious family
in Teheran). Wearing a full chador while at home in Iran was no big deal
for her even though she isn't the least bit religious and wears Western
clothing - skirts etc - while living in the West."

This argument seem to blame the "culture" (as if culture is homogeneous and
unified) for the mandatory Hijab forced onto women in Iran against which
they, secular and Muslim, have stood from as early as 1979. One example:

Iranian Women's March against Hijab in March 8th, 1979

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