[Marxism] Jack A. Smith: My life and times with the Guardian

Jack Smith jacdon at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 12 11:38:24 MDT 2012

In response to Ethan Young's comment in issue 22 where he suggests it was
appropriate for me to mention the founders of the National Guardian:
The document in question consisted of a quickly written notes for the Rag
Blog interviewer to use in introducing me. I gave credit to James Aronson,
Cedric Belfrage and John T McManus in my essay, "The Guardian Goes to War,"
published in "Insider Histories of the Vietnam Era Underground Press" edited
by Ken Wachsberger, (Michigan State University Press, 2011).

This contribution also offers an insider's view of the transfer of the
newspaper's ownership and control to its staff collective, and the political
ramifications of this move during the so called "Old left/New left"
conditions of the time.

Editor Aronson, for whom I had considerable respect, was not "ousted," as
Young declares. His abrupt voluntary resignation was a complete surprise to
staff members who were agitating for the newspaper to improve its coverage
and take a more supportive stance toward the developing new movements of
these years. The Guardian at the time was in critical financial
difficulties, made all the more serious by the withdrawal of contributions
attendant upon Aronson's departure. The staff kept the paper going for many
years thereafter ‹ ultimately doubling its size and circulation - through
low pay and long hours.
Jack A. Smith

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