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Fischer gave a detailed account of this in his German War Aims book back in the 60s.a.

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Sending Lenin to Russia

I had not known about where the idea arose in Germany:

93: "German officials did their best to cook up plots among the German
barons in the Baltic provinces and among the Finns, Poles, and
Ukrainians. They brought to Berlin a Constantinople arms merchant,
Alexander Helphand, who had formerly been involved, sincerely, in the
Russian revolutionary socialist underground, under the name Parvus.
He sold them on the idea of a social revolution in Russia. He charted
the future mutiny in the Russian armies according to the model of
1904-5, citing the possibility of a mass strike that would engulf the
capitals according to the theory of Rosa Luxemburg. One week after the
revolution that overthrew the tsar in February 1917, Helphand got
permission from the general staff to provide a train that would send
Lenin and his coterie of exiled Bolshevik leaders to Russia."

D'Agostino, Anthony. The Rise of Global Powers: International Politics
in the Era of the World Wars(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).

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