[Marxism] Heh-heh

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 13 18:32:39 MDT 2012

I banned an idiot named David W. Kasper who blogs as Pere Lebrun from 
commenting on my blog just as I have nearly all "single issue" people 
who come there for no other reason except to remind me that I am the new 
Christopher Hitchens. (God I wish I got an invite to the White House 
just so I could tell Obama to his face what a dick he is.)

Anyhow, Kasper carried his fight to Lenin's Tomb:

The 'game' was raised and won at Monthly Review, Counterfire, 
Counterpunch and x amount of other informed places. Not least by actual 
Syrians. You've lost the argument resolutely. Say one thing once - why 
say it again?

Louis and Binh have descended into sloganeering dick-swinging (see his 
last post on the subject). But the jury has judged you wrong. By all 
means keep high-fiving your 'comrades' in the locker room, but you've 
jumped the shark, 'Fonzie'.


I loved the business about dick-swinging and the locker room reminding 
Kasper that Freud called this sort of thing projection.

But Richard's response is worth committing to memory for those serious 
about being the next Alexander Cockburn as if there will ever be another:

It's obvious that you think so, but just as obvious that you're 
incapable of saying why. Sticking to the obvious, you are no more a jury 
than this debate is a tribunal. You're just a slightly eccentric, 
isolated, and obviously distressed and vulnerable person coping with a 
massive headfuck in the form of the Middle East revolutions which your 
sloganistic, one-dimensional analysis can't cope with.

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