[Marxism] Kliman contra Graeber

A Vasquez collationes37 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 19:54:48 MDT 2012

*Thus, in tone and approach, I think it is Kliman who is carrying on
“Bolshevism by other means”. There is something a little too formalistic in
his thumping on the point that it is capitalism that is the problem, and
all “prefigurative” politics constitutes a “make believe” world. There
seems to be no real attempt to engage and understand why people have
recourse to these things, not just at Occupy Wall Street, but elsewhere.
Yes, it is appropriate to point out that factory take overs and worker
cooperatives (like the ones that were documented in the movie, The
will probably face the opposition of capital and are perhaps not
sustainable in the long run. But to think that such actions have no value
whatsoever is sheer sectarianism. Why not assume that, instead of thinking
that they are trapped in a “make-believe” world and are being duped, these
people are trying to hash the new order out like scientists who try many
experiments over and over again until they get it right? Capitalism might
ultimately be the problem, but people have to live day in and day out, and
try to make some headway in a world that has all but abandoned them. To
automatically think that the masses are being led like sheep by their
leaders into a losing strategy from the get-go seems to me to be a much
more elitist assumption by far.*

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