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By *Michael Karadjis*

August 13, 2012 -- /Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal/ 
<http://links.org.au/node/2991> -- The continuing mass uprising against 
Syria's Bashar Assad dictatorship on the one hand, and the growing 
intervention by the reactionary Gulf monarchies of Saudi Arabia and 
Qatar, along with Turkey, on the side of the growing armed insurgency on 
the other, has led to a situation where many on the left are sharply 
divided over who to "support".

Some claim the Saudi-led covert intervention requires support for 
Assad's bloody regime as a lesser evil "secular" alternative to what 
they believe is an inevitable "jihadi" regime, given the rise of a 
vicious Sunni sectarian aspect to the civil war and the Saudi-led 
backing of such forces. Also, given the largely verbal (until recently) 
support given to the Gulf states' intervention by the US and other 
imperialist states, support for Assad against this allegedly 
"imperialist-backed" assault on Syria is necessary to prevent the 
destruction of the Syrian state, which they allege imperialism desires 
due to Assad's alleged anti-imperialist credentials (which even most of 
these writers, however, admit is very tenuous at best).

As an aside, it should be emphasised that these two potentially 
reactionary aspects -- the extent to which the opposition has become a 
"jihadi" Sunni sectarian force, and the extent of imperialist 
intervention, are not one and the same thing; as will be shown below, 
while there is some overlap, they also somewhat operate at cross-purposes.

Meanwhile, others erect virtual soap boxes from which they piously 
denounce anyone even raising these valid issues of the extent of the 
Saudi/reactionary intervention as sycophants for Assad and as 
"counter-revolutionaries". While partially correct that the Saudi-led 
counterrevolution has probably not utterly extinguished the genuine 
uprising, they tend to exaggerate in the other direction, refusing to 
see the extent of reactionary and sectarian counterrevolutionary 
intervention; some go so far as to denounce opposition to imperialist 
intervention as ... counterrevolutionary.

Full article at http://links.org.au/node/2991

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