[Marxism] There's a Labor Party Left?

En Passant with John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Wed Aug 15 06:04:58 MDT 2012

Surely now that the complete degeneration of Labor as a social democratic party has become clear to almost everyone else in Australia, those good people in the left of the ALP should be rethinking their approach. They should re-evaluate both their commitment to reformism and look again at the alternative, revolutionary socialism. It is to suggest they leave the ALP and join the revolutionary left or at least work closely with us.

That way we can fight together for immediate reforms, for refugees, for equal love, for better wages and conditions, in defence of jobs, for better government services together, without the left in the ALP being shackled to the reactionaries. And with the ultimate goal in mind - socialism, a democratic society where production is organised to satisfy human need.  See more at:


John Passant

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