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Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 08:29:04 MDT 2012

Well as a matter of fact the bourgeois press is increasingly running
stories quoting rebels complaining that the supposed massive Saudi/Qatar
arms shipments are nowhere to be seen. They're pissed about that, and the
interviews often end with these rebels saying, "so fuck the US and its

In the meantime the rebels seem to be making do primarily with arms seized
or brought by defectors.

So it's NOT that unrealistic for us to say to them: you've come this far
without imperialist aid, you can make it all the way!

Of course those who similarly saw the people of Haiti and Libya as
incapable of liberating themselves will dismiss this as pie in the sky...

But don't get me wrong: one of the blessings of the Arab Revolution is the
potential it holds for cross-border solidarity and support. At a certain
point those facing the direst relationship of forces will be able to count
on aid from other Arab fighters -- NOT "Islamists," but leftist

And yes, it's true the Syrian revolution is at the moment not led by a
Lenin, and the nationwide coordination of the LCCs and similar groups is
rudimentary and has huge gaps. But that is all the more reason for them to
hear from their allies abroad encouragement to forge a unified, principled

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> On 8/15/12 9:54 AM, Andrew Pollack wrote:
>> So what's your gripe? And what does anything Michael wrote have to do with
>> Pham Binh's article?
> The ongoing issue seems to be the quandary of where the FSA is supposed to
> get its weapons. Given the geopolitical realities, it is a foregone
> conclusion that it will not be from the BRIC/Axis of
> Good/Anti-imperialist/Former Soviet Union/Non-aligned countries/Che Guevara
> Appreciation Society.
> There is a touch of unreality about the position, best articulated by John
> Rees, that the anti-Assad movement remain as pure as the driven snow while
> facing jets, armored helicopters, tanks, etc.
> I suppose that one can hypothesize a 1917 type revolution in which the
> army turns against the ruling class (which has occurred to some extent) but
> you are not dealing with a movement led by Lenin. In fact it is led by
> nobody.
> I think that the Rees article is meant more for domestic consumption in
> the English-speaking left. Except for the unfortunate and frequently
> ludicrous Angry Arab, there is little support for this posture. Just check
> jadaliyya.com on a regular basis for confirmation of that.

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