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A. Vasquez is touching on a serious problem of the Marxist left in this country and people may loose track of it in going through the comments 
about Joseph Hansen of the 4th Internationalist Web. The sectarian has to prove that his setarian view is the only view and that no view other than one informed by his sect is correct. For example, years ago Workers Power reviewed "Burn." The review attacked the film for the implication that colonial people could not lead their own revolt. Of course, to conclude this the reviewer had to ignore the beginning and the end of the movie. At the beginning, the native revolutionary, Sanchez, is being executed and the movement decapitated. British imperial, wanting an inroad, sends Brando there to foment a colonial revolution. He succeeds, develops a new colonial leader among the oppressed masses of color and a new populular, guerilla movement is on the verge of power.Brando then engineers a palace coup with the progressive bourgeois to oust the old colonial power. He leaves with the compradore bourgeousie intdactc and the guerillas antiipating joing rule in some form. Of course  the compradores seize all power, puit tdhrdough no reforms and the revolt resumes. The country is on the verge of a revolutionary takeover. This is not in the ineterests of British capital. Brando is sent back. Now he leads the crushing of the revolution, burning the forests to force the revolutionists into the open when they can be destroyed. His former prdotege is now killed. Brando leaves the island.   A Vasquez wrote:
Mission accomplished. But as he boards his ship, a porter offers to carry his bags - just as his protege once had, Brando hands him the bag, and the black man runs his machete through Brando's gut.

The revolution will return. That is the lesson of the movie, a brilliant example of combined and uneven development in the era of imperialism. The Workers Power reviewer couldn't even see this. That is the blindness of the sectarian.

The Amerian left once had good critics - James T. Farrell at his best, Kenneth Burke, Joseph Freeman, and Edmund Wilson belongs in that crowd as well. But...none of them were sectarians. 

> Personally, I don't like their film reviews, because all of them seem to boil 
down to: "This film isn't political enough".

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