[Marxism] Ecuador: 'We are not a colony!' Foreign minister denounces British threat to raid its embassy

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 00:51:22 MDT 2012

The granting of asylum certainly moves this saga to another level.  I have
been very struck how liberals and many organised lefties have abandoned
Assange. At the moment in London his almost sole source of support has been
from Ciaron O'Reilly's Catholic Workers group.  They have maintained a
vigil outside the Ecuadorean Embassy in London and one here in Brisbane as

The recent discussion on the list of the Bourgeois press came to mind when
I read the Guardian report on the granting of asylum.  They are really
pissed off that Assange seems to have stolen a march on the Brits etc.

What happens next will be very interesting.  I discount the storming of the
embassy by British police.  That would be a crass and politically stupid
thing to do.  Ditto for any move to cancel the embassy's lease. But you
never know. The storm outside the British embassy in Quito would not have
gone unnoticed.

For the moment Assange will just sit tight.  Reports from the Catholic
Workers are that his morale is very high and that he is being well treated
by the embassy staff.



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