[Marxism] Ecuador: 'We are not a colony!' Foreign minister denounces British threat to raid its embassy

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 01:24:37 MDT 2012

> What happens next will be very interesting.  I discount the storming of the
> embassy by British police.  That would be a crass and politically stupid
> thing to do.  Ditto for any move to cancel the embassy's lease. But you
> never know. The storm outside the British embassy in Quito would not have
> gone unnoticed.

I am not convinced the storming is unlikely. Ecuador claims it received
written warning by Britain that unless it handed over Assange, Britain
would revoke the embassy's standing as an embassy -- removing its
diplomatic protection. I am not sure if they have any basis to do that -- I
have heard it said they really, really don't -- but they at least have made
that threat. And clarified it themselves. They said if Ecuador does not
grant Assange asylum (and decision in a few hours), then they will
immediately move in and arrest him. If they *do*, the threat is Britain
will remove the diplomatic protection, and if they don;t hand him over in a
week, go in.

Whether they will is another question. And that may well depend on the
response to their actions so far. But they appear to have actually made the
threat, and that presumably means it is a serious option on the table.

One thing this does, surely, is blow away the whole pretense this is all
about Assange going to Sweden to be *questioned* about sexual assault
allegations. No one, not the most demented commentator, could seriously
suggest Britain would virtually declare war on Ecuador so someone can be
sent to another country to be questioned over allegations they haven;t even
been charged with.

Then again, it is hard to overstate how demented the level of commentary in
bourgeois press actually is.

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