[Marxism] What's a good novel for 13-14 year olds?

Glenn Kissack gkissack at nyc.rr.com
Thu Aug 16 21:55:33 MDT 2012

>> Has anyone read Germinal by Zola?  I confess that it was recommended to me in my 20's and i shied away from it as being heavy and depressing.  So probably inappropriate.
> I found it quite good, not really depressing at all though a bit heavy, yes; the descriptive style can get a bit involved. That said, no, I wouldn't recommend it for the average 13--14-year-old either.

This last point seems very important. Having taught junior high school, I'm fairly certain that the average 13-14 year old wouldn't be up to read Germinal, a 19th century novel of over 500 pages.

I've seen higher level JHS students read and appreciate "To Kill A Mockingbird," an anti-racist novel about Alabama in the 1930's. The way to introduce communism is to supplement the story of passive blacks and Atticus the liberal savior with sections from Robin Kelly's Hammer and the Hoe, which shows how black and white communists led sharecroppers and other workers in struggle.


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