[Marxism] Saturday's Socialist speak out

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Fri Aug 17 22:51:51 MDT 2012

The massacre in South Africa of 48 mine workers shows that it just not enough to get rid of apartheid; South African workers need to overthrow economic apartheid and can only do that by overthrowing capitalism.

In Australia Julia Gillard has held hands with Tony Abbott and introduced a Pacific 'solution' which will deport asylum seekers to Nauru or Manus Island with indefinite detention there on the agenda.

At the same time in other wins for basic human rights, the UK Government is prepared to break international law to arrest Julian Assange ad send him to Sweden for questioning. As today's Fairfax press makes clear the US is gunning for him and he will be extradited to the US for trial on crimes that carry the death penalty. Until the US gives a guarantee that is not the case, Assange is right to resist going to Sweden to answer questions, and to call on Swedish authorities to interview him in London.

This is the same British government which did not extradite mass murderer Augusto Pinochet to Spain for trial on crimes against humanity.

In Russia 3 members of female punk bad Pussy Riot have been sentenced to 3 years in jail for the 'crime' of playing for one minute in a church.

The revolt against Assad continues and he has not yet been able to win back control of Aleppo. Victory to the revolutionaries.

The campaign for refugees and against Gillard's vile Pacific 'Solution' kicks off next Saturday 25 August in Canberra at 12.30 in Garema Place.  Join the demonstration.

Protest against the new Pacific 'solution'

12:30 Saturday 25 August

Garema Place, Civic

The Australian government has voted to treat refugees who try to come here by boat in the most vicious way ever. Julia Gillard's and Tony Abbott's scheme condemns people seeking asylum to indefinite detention and mental torture in hell-holes on Manus and Nauru Islands. The real, simpler, cheaper way to prevent people drowning during dangerous voyages is to bring them to Australia on navy ships or, better, by air.

Support the refugees 

 Come to the rally

12:30 Saturday 25 August Garema Place, Civic


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