[Marxism] Review: 'Communist International's Fourth Congress: revolutionary fulcrum of the modern world'

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Communist International's Fourth Congress: revolutionary fulcrum of the
modern world
Review by Barry Healy (Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal)

In 1986, British Marxist Raymond Williams, polemicising against the then
rising, trendy post-modernists, asked the question, "When was modernism?" He
pointed out that "modern" first became synonymous with "now" in the 16th
century[1]. While there is no more modern ideology than Marxism, the world
is forever changing - what is "modern" changes and with it so must Marxism.

The proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International
(Comintern) expose an occasion when the Marxist movement refocused on what
was relevant and in large measure addressed the politics that became
twentieth-century modernism [see Publication Note, below]. It was not an
easy exercise, but the record shows that the 400 or so revolutionaries who
met for a month, starting on November 5, 1922 - first in Petrograd, later in
Moscow - met the challenge determinedly and with a confident belief in the
democracy of their movement....

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