[Marxism] Defense Against Imperialism

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Mon Aug 20 08:01:10 MDT 2012

>From Andy Pollock:
“Lord knows in thesedays when leftist toadying to Assad, to Ahmedinejad, to

Zuma, is still costingus tremendously on a world scale, we need to be

precise in ourscientific analysis at the same time as we mobilize

energetically in defenseof the Ecuadorean government and any other

government standing upin practice, not just in words, to imperialism,

whatever the classnature of those regimes. Defending them, hailing their

progressive steps,doesn't mean prettifying them.”
This is a crucial point. Defense againstimperialism does not mean apology for the regime. The Left in the US has spenddecades apologizing from regimes that stand against imperialism. 

David Berger

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