[Marxism] Marxism Digest, Vol 106, Issue 22

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Aug 20 14:59:24 MDT 2012

Nobody on this list is talking about the spate of politicaly-motivated 
"proletarian expropriations" currently making the healines in Spain.
Farmers and activists are emerging from Spanish supermarkets with 
trolleys full of bread, rice and meat. And they refuse to pay for said 
items, claiming that farmers are being paid bellow production-price.
This new trend is proving very controversial, as Spanish "Socialist" 
elected officials abstain from actual "theft", while Socialist Party 
mayors of small farming communities openly lead their constituencies in 
pillaging supermarkerts.
Spanish radical youth has cought on, and planning a "proletarian 
expropriation" on a local supermarkert (forty youths fill their trolleys 
with meat and beans and then exit without paying) has become widespread. 
Of course, the current right-wing Spanish government is ea    ger to 
crack down on such "malfaiseance" and extend the reach of 
"anti-terorrism" laws.
In Greece, there are reports of similar wide-spread supermarket theft, 
in which the local supermarket is targeted by groups of 20+ individuals 
intent on escaping with pasta, beans and canned sausages. According to 
the BBC, young children in Greece are gathering in groups in Athens to 
pick every single orange tree and cherry tree in sight.
According to the BBC, Orange Trees were deemed to be "ornamental" in 
many suburbs of Athens, but are now being picked clean by children.
Of course, organized, political, "theft" from supermarkets is 
exceedingly unusual and will always remain so, as the concept of 
"private property" is the basis of the present mode of production. Given 
our present way of life, it may actually be "in the bosse's interest" to 
feed the starving.

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