[Marxism] 1,500$ a month for SA mine workers !

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Aug 20 16:09:33 MDT 2012

Dear Louis,

Your latest comment :
AMCU leaders can rightly be considered the ideological
brothers of the anarchists within the US Occupy movement
who wear masks over their faces, throw trash cans
through store windows and set buildings on fire. The
only difference between those who set buildings on fire
and those who encourage workers to arm themselves and
make unreasonable wage demands is the scale of
collateral damage."

is disturbing.

Your latest comments are really a reflection on your own position within 
the class structure of the US.

You must feel your purchasing power gradually sinking, and must 
therefore believe that strikers should not strike as they are lucky 
enough to have a job in the first place, and if they do strike, then 
they should remain "reasonable" and not arm themselves with machetes.
Workers demand better pay. They have A RIGHT to it as they are the ones 
producing the metal in the first place.

If you deny that right to full compensation, which the South African 
miners estimate at 1,500 dollars a month instead of 600 dollars a month, 
then you are a reactionary. You believe that it is unreasonable for 
South African miners to enjoy the same standard of living as a US white 
collar worker (1 500$/month). Why ? Well because the SA government is 
trying to reconcile the middle class with paying more taxes for the 
majority of poor South Africans, and in this context, the miners 
arrogantly asking for more (especially when they leave the Government 
-approved Trade Union to join a dissident Trade-Union) is unacceptable.

So let's imagine they didn't strike. Would that be perfect for South 
African workers ? Would the fact that they didn't strike enhance South 
Africa's reputation world wide, so that Chinese companies would invest 
in South African production ? Louis, you are a product of your 
environment, and I fully expect to be unsubscribed by stating this 
elementary truth. If you and fellow college-educated workers demanded a 
two- to three- fold increase in salary, you would be the first on this 
list to extoll the virtues of going on strike for "revolutionary/utopian 
demands" and would brush away "collateral damage" as "necessary in order 
to pressure the elite".

Karl Marx was an advocate of free speech, Lenin however put the triumph 
of socialism above such concerns (the result being Stalin). The "stupid 
radicals (anarchists ?) = unreasonable wage demands" equation is really 
the reactionary cornerstone of all anti-worker ideology. How are we to 
overthrow Capitalism if we acknowledge the right of the minority to own 
the means of production and tell the majority what to do ? This is one 
of the reasons why I believe Anarchism/Trade Unionism/Libertarian 
Marxism/Council Communism(letting workers decide for themselves) to be 
far superior, in the long run, to Lenin's emphasis on seizing the 
politico-military structure.

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