[Marxism] Assange

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Aug 20 17:32:56 MDT 2012

It's quite simple really, as it boils down to :

a) The Swedish government will guarantee that Assange will not be 
deported to the US
b) The Swedish gov. will not give any guarantees that Assange will not 
be subject to deportation to the US.

Assange has made it clear that he is willing to go to Sweden PRO*VIDED 
he is given assurances he will not be deported.

For my part, I am perplexed by the Swe resoldish gov.'s refusal to 
guarantee there will be no extradition to the US.

The merits and demerits of Sweden's Sexual assault charges are one 
thing, Assange's deportation to the US are another.

The whole "diplomatic incident" is heading for a resolution : Assange 
will stand trial in Stockholm but will not be deported to the US. Until 
this agreement is reached (after the US 2012 election ???) Assange will 
not budge.

And any court in Stockholm that will hear the charges of sexual assault 
will sentence Assange to a maximum of six months in prison, but actually 
this will be a suspended sentence, or perhaps the Australian will be 
ordered to perform community service. The sexual assault charges are 
related to Assange having sex with two Wikileaks volunteers who later 
acknowledged that sex did happen but that it was not "entirely 
consensual". A Swedish court sentencing Assange to more than a year in 
prison would be really bizzare, so that Assange's refusal to be tried in 
Sweden is a strong indicator of his fear of being deported to the US, a 
country whose fascistic tendencies are growing ever more notorious.

I must end this mail by stating that I am a Feminist and that any power 
structure that oppresses women (or men for that matter) is unacceptable.

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