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Mon Aug 20 23:29:35 MDT 2012

On a personal note, readers may be interested to know that I'm
beginning a Master of Arts (Research) in Political Economy, under Dr.
Tim Anderson, at Sydney University. It's a one-year research thesis on
Cuba. Specifically, where is Cuba headed? Perhaps when it's finished I
can post a link to this blog.

Here is my translation of a summary of an important address by Marino
Murillo, head of the Cuban government's permanent commission
overseeing the implementation of the Economic and Social Policy
Guidelines, to Cuba's National Assembly in late July. I was able to
watch a telecast of his address on Cuban TV. It was a very thorough
report that took up about two hours, accompanied by a Power Point

Murillo used his report to announce to major new initiatives in the
implementation process: an experimental phase in the projected
overhaul of central planning and state enterprises, and the
establishment of 222 experimental non-agricultural cooperatives that
will manage small and medium-sizes state-owned entities. Note that
state-owned entities will not be privatised but handed over, under
various leasing arrangements, to work collectives to manage on a
cooperative basis.

It's also worth drawing attention to what this progress report
indicates about the status of the Guidelines. Raul Castro has
repeatedly stressed that they cannot be allowed to be shelved and
forgotten, as as often happened in the past. In his closing speech to
the same National Assembly session, Raul explained that "the updating
of the economic model has entered a qualitatively new phase with the
drafting and approval of the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan for
implementation of the Guidelines, with a corresponding timetable for
comprehensive, step-by-step measures." He added:

"You have no doubt noticed that in the various reports presented to
the Assembly, and in my own address, repeated mention is made of
specific guidelines when matters relating to them are being discussed.
I must say that this is not by chance, it is intended to firmly
establish in our minds a determination to fulfill these Guidelines and
to not to allow decisions of the utmost importance for the future of
our nation to, once again, become a dead letter."

LINK to translation:

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