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It's funny because just yesterday, I sent this clip to someone in the context of a discussion of the Shactmanites and the myth of neo-con Trotskyism. Just as an aside: (1) Josh's Dad, Manny Muravchik, unfortunately, was some kind of CIA shill. (2) At the YPSL reunion 5 years ago, Muravchik, who was a leader in the destruction of the YPSL, was referred to as "our Lord Voldmort."

> Joshua Muravchik

>From Wikipedia:

Muravchik is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, where he 

researches Middle East politics, democracy, and the history of socialism. He is 

also a patron of the Henry Jackson Society, which sponsors discussions and 

activities around the political legacy of Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson. He 

describes himself as a neo-conservative,  despite the disapproval of his 

social-democratic father and socialist mother. His father criticized his Heaven 

on earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism:

"Josh Muravchik?s father, Manny, eighty-five-years-old, breathing through oxygen 

tubes, [was] handing out his own two-page Xeroxed affirmation of socialism." 

"Manny let the reader know that his own life, and that of Josh?s mother, would 

be impossible today absent the very sort of anti-market reforms?Medicare, 

rent-controlled apartments?for which they?d worked while Josh was still a pisher 

and toward which he sounded at best ambivalent today." "Father told son that if 

there was utopian impulse to be feared, it was that messianic laissez-faire 

nonsense he must have picked up once he?d left home. You think your mother and I 

could survive in your perfect world, Mr. Capitalist Shill?"

His mother was too upset with his book to attend the discussion.

In 2006, he called for the bombing of Iran in a Los Angeles Times op-ed entitled 

"Bomb Iran".

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