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In the previous paragraph, the lawyer also said she ended up consenting.
And in this paragraph, it just says he tried to penetrate, but didn't
actually do. So, what It seems it is that he insisted for a while but only
did penetrate when she allowed.

Also, it is not clear whether she verbalized or not her will to use a

These claims, and also some of other things makes the case for rape too
confusing because it lasts on a thin distinction between consent or non
consent. This doesn't look like a violent assault with life threat, an
abuse from a family member or someone that blackmails in order to get sex.
This is too grey...

I don't think the threat for Assange to spend his life in
solitary confinement or something similarly harsh overcomes the need for
justice in a such grey case.

2012/8/21 Jon Hiesfelter <redbeard at riseup.net>

> Here's a quote from Assange's lawyer:
> http://www.rawstory.com/rs/**2011/07/12/assanges-lawyer-**
> admits-sex-acts-were-**disturbing-disrespectful/<http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/07/12/assanges-lawyer-admits-sex-acts-were-disturbing-disrespectful/>
> As Ben Emmerson, Assange’s lawyer described, she “tried several times to
> reach for a condom, which Assange had stopped her from doing by holding her
> arms and bending her legs open and trying to penetrate her with his penis
> without using a condom. [She] says that she felt about to cry since she was
> held down and could not reach a condom and felt this could end badly.”
> *

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