[Marxism] Why defend Assange...

Matt mattjohnegan at iinet.net.au
Tue Aug 21 22:17:28 MDT 2012

> Fair enough, but there are, in this case, two women who are at least
> nominally involved in rape charges against him.

There are no charges. He is wanted for questioning.  Someting that can 
be handled by Swedish authorities on English or Ecuadorian soil.

> I mean that the charges aren't for his work at Wikileaks - unless, of
> course, fucking fans is part of the job. I haven't worked there, so
> maybe it is.

With drivel like this how do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

> fair enough. but this only reinforces the point I was trying to make,
> which is that losing one guy from the organization is unlikely to
> hamper its functioning permanently.

Considering you haven't worked there how the fuck would you know? I'm of 
the opinion Assange's long term incarceration anywhere would be the 
death knell of Wikileaks.

> I could care less about his ethical behavior per se...

And yet your opinion of his behaviour, based solely on allegations, not 
charges, is paramount to your argument.

How long you going to stick around, troll?

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