[Marxism] Why defend Assange...

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 23:57:57 MDT 2012

I thank Sean for the reasoned tone of his reply to my post. I have since
read Richard Seymour's post on the matter and he brackets off the rape
question from the attempts o the USA to get Assange. He eschews any
reference to honey traps etc as this tends to smear the women and he will
not go down that path.

Richard's is the better and probably the wiser path, but frankly much of my
feeling for the politics of power was formed by Mario Puzo and his immortal
characters' relentless application of the *cui bono *test.

What the rape allegations against Assange have done is to disarm Left
support for him. hadley Freeman's column in today's Guardian shows that.
This thread is also an eloquent testimony to the same fact.  Who benefits?
The answer is of course the USA.

That alone is a powerful motivator for me to give my support to Assange.



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