[Marxism] General Meade at Gettysburg

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Wed Aug 22 16:20:35 MDT 2012

The effort to try and compare the Union Army forces at Gettysbergin the United States Civil War - with the current Syrian Cvil War isnot historically accurate. The British and other colonial/imperialist foreign powers - wereactually favoring the Confederacy - not the Union Army - forfinancial trade gain. And to try and somehow justify the internal Syrian religioussectarian killings of unarmed people - with the conductingof war between armed miltiary forces at Gettysberg - is also not a justifiable comparison. I agree that al-Assad should be replaced by a workersgovernment, but that does not mean we support rightwing religious forces, or pro-imperialist forces and efforts. I believe we need to separate these issues and each tostand or fall on their own merit and keep to historical truth.  
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> From: clayclai at gmail.com
> Subject: [Marxism] General Meade at Gettysburg
> Now consider the circumstances: The Battle of Gettysburg was the most
> decisive battle of the American Civil War. It was the largest land
> battle ever to take place on the North American continent. For three
> days in the gentle farmland of Pennsylvania, General Meade's Union Army
> of 85,000 locked horns with General Lee's racist army of 65,000. More
> than any other armed struggle in our history, this one shaped the
> country we live in now. Considering that Lee's army captured free blacks
> and sent them south into slavery as they moved north, I would very
> likely not even be here had Meade's army not prevailed.
> And there are other parallels that can be drawn between the two battles:
> Like the Battle of Gettysburg, the Battle of Aleppo is probably the most
> decisive battle in their civil war, only the Battle of Aleppo has
> already gone on for more weeks than Gettysburg went in days.

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