[Marxism] Richard Aoki's Biographer: Where's the evidence Aoki was FBI informant? (SF Chronicle)

X Y whdgm66 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 20:00:28 MDT 2012

I do not agree with Ely's allusions to possible FBI document
tampering.  Nor do I believe Fred Ho, Scott Kurashige or Diane Fujino
lean that way either, though of course it can't be ruled out 100%.
What I and all of the latter are instead emphasizing is that most of
the allegations against Aoki are based on speculative interpretations
and at best circumstantial evidence.  Furthermore, that Rosenfeld
and/or his publishers have cynically highlighted this sensational
accusation against Aoki, made only the DAY BEFORE publication of his
new book.  All this despite the fact that Aoki features in only PART
of the ONLY chapter having anything to do with him, out of a whole
other TWENTY-SEVEN chapters of over 700 pages.  The entire thesis of
the book couldn't deal less with Aoki and is about the supposed
relationship between Hoover and Reagan.  Rosenfeld generally aims to
condemn the radicalization of the "bad", late 1960's - as opposed to
the "good", "liberal/moderate" early 1960's.  The implication is that
such radicalization could somehow only have happened with FBI
meddling, instead of organically arising out of genuine frustration,
anger and resistance in oppressed communities and sectors of society.

At Thu, 23 Aug 2012 17:56 Louis Proyect wrote:
>I plan to write about this tomorrow but it is a mistake to think that FBI agents are hell-bent on disruption. Ed Heisler was revealed to be an agent in the SWP during the party's suit against the FBI but he was also a member of the party's national committee for years, mostly on the strength of his work in the railroad workers union. At some point he claimed that in the course of infiltrating the SWP, he became convinced of its ideas. Who knows?
I> doubt if we'll ever know the full truth about Richard Aoki but I
seriously doubt that the FBI went through the trouble to make up a
story about him in order to isolate the "radicals" in the Occupy
movement as Mike Ely claims. That is mostly what I am interested in

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