[Marxism] Anti-WikiLeaks campaign undermines anti-rape campaigns

Graham Milner gkmilner at bigpond.com
Fri Aug 24 13:48:04 MDT 2012

Perhaps Stuart Munckton could confirm the veracity of the article below. 
It is dated August 24.   My hard copy of the same issue of 'Green Left 
Weekly' is dated August 22.   I attempted without success to post a comment 
on this article, criticising its author's equivocation over the vital need 
of the international left to unite in defence of Julian Assange.   I posed 
the question in my comments that if I, or anyone else, alleged that the Duke 
of Edinburgh was a serial pederast, how much credence would be given to such 
allegations?   I suggested that if the Swedish or British authorities 
seriously believe that Julian Assange is guilty of sexual violence then they 
should either charge him under the relevant statute(s), or back off.

- Graham Milner

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The personal saga of WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange has been used
to overshadow the ground-breaking journalism of WikiLeaks in exposing the
secrets of governments and corporations around the world.


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