[Marxism] Rosenthal's ex-FBI source is JFK conspiracist (re: Richard Aoki)

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 09:13:47 MDT 2012

Well, god knows, I wouldn't want to bore Andrew.  :-)  But he's not
specifying which of the many subjects he dismisses in "this
discussion."  .

Pretending that an email discussion is going to help sniff out who was
or wasn't a police informant decades ago is futile.  More so would be
trying to figure who did or didn't shoot the succession of figures in
the 1960s.  What does concern me is the undefined of "conspiracist" or
"conspiricism"--as though an argument can be dismissed by writing it
off to the psyhological quirks of the people making it.

I regularly hear such terms used in such a way as to ignore the role
of big companies in killing the discussion of global warming or of
insurance companies in shapin the government agenda in health care.
These are not hallucinations about aliens landing in Roswell or

There are reasons why you have a common rubric under which to group
things that shouldn't be discussed.


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