[Marxism] Fwd: Aoki

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sat Aug 25 14:59:54 MDT 2012

At 16:05 25-08-12 -0400, X Y wrote:
>As for Rosenfeld "never implying" that Aoki supplied the BPP under
>direct FBI orders - he certainly covered his ass in a legal sense

Oh please! There IS NO legal issue involved under US law in him saying such
things which we all agree are not true (or at least not known to be true).
Otherwise I could sue a number of people on this list who have said much
more outrageous things.....

> there is no need for him to make the explicit allegation.
>It is insinuated, and the well is now already poisoned.

Geez, you are the only one who accepts that insinuation. Naming Aoki as the
one "who armed the panthers" was clearly for the purpose of pointing out
that this was an important figure. Just saying that they found some guy who
had been an informer among the Panthers would otherwise have hardly raised
an eyebrow (there surely were many!).

>There is no "conspiracy theory against Rosenfeld".

Well there's the conspiracy way of thinking, whereby a person can tell us
exactly what he thinks, and then you insist they are actually "insinuating"
the opposite, supposedly for some legal reason that doesn't exist.

>  Those who are
>refuting him are showing that the evidence presented is simply not

Well I could argue that it is, but for now it doesn't really matter: this
is just a historical issue at this point. But since you called the evidence
insufficient, I'd be interested if you could give me an example of an
informer that was uncovered where there was demonstrably stronger evidence.
Thanks in advance, I'm waiting......

- Jeff

P.S. A confession by the person doesn't quite count, unless the contents of
the confession have been independently corroborated. Otherwise I don't
understand why Aoki answering the charge by saying that "It is complex.
Layer upon layer" doesn't count as an admission. 

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