[Marxism] My comrade, Richard Aoki - By Elbert "Big Man" Howard

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My comrade, Richard Aoki
August 24, 2012

by Elbert “Big Man” Howard

At almost 75 years of age, there are very few things in life that
surprise me anymore. However, I can say I was not only surprised by
the allegations made against my comrade Richard Aoki, I was sickened.
I should not have been surprised because I know that this government
still has unfinished business with us, we Panthers, and being dead
doesn’t free us from their need to persecute us and create chaos and
mistrust among those of us who remain.

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Elbert “Big Man” Howard is one of the original six founding members of
the Black Panther Party; he served as the first editor of the Black
Panther newspaper and as party spokesperson. He is also, more
recently, a founding member of the Police Accountability Clinic and
Helpline (PACH). An activist, author and lecturer, he resides in
Sonoma County and can be reached at bigman0138 at aol.com.

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